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Colorado Trailer 


We imported this trailer from American champion trikes.

\773,300 without tax

Aero Trailer  

配達日指定OK This trailer is made in Sakuma Engineering.It features soft suspension.

\500,000 without tax

Aero Trailer Smooth


The trailer which improved an Aero Trailer more smartly.The tail lamp adopts LED.

\500,000 without tax

Grand aero Trailer 


The grandaerotrailer made the width 300 mm larger than the aerotrailer.

\666,700 without tax

Tiny Trailer

送料無料 Tinytrailer was developed to pull the trike and sidecar of the 250cc class.

Tractor More than 251cc  \273,000 without tax

Tractor 250cc or less \253,000 without tax